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WeatherHawk Signature-Series Firmware

This download applies only to Signature-series weather stations. In general, you should not update the OS in a WeatherHawk. We provide this firmware in the unlikely event that your OS and/or Program are corrupted and need to be reinstalled.

WeatherHawk Signature-Series Firmware (cr20sv09.a43)

If you have an earlier OS version (v04a or later) you can update your WeatherHawk operating system in a Signature Series system yourself.

To check the WeatherHawk OS and data logger program you must use a PC to communicate directly with the weather station.

Warning: If you are doing a general update of your firmware for other reasons, DO NOT USE this OS and Program if your WeatherHawk has been modified for a special application, or if it connects to a WeatherTalk system, or if it is wireless and has the V.04a, or earlier operating system. Updating the OS in very early versions of a WeatherHawk wireless system will disable the RF module and it will have to be replaced. For modified WeatherHawk system OS and program updates contact WeatherHawk Technical Support directly.

Note: If your archive files are not current we recommend that you download the data in your WeatherHawk and note the current set-up values for Longitude, Latitude, Altitude, Logger Address and Radio Set-up (if your system is wireless). Updating the OS and Program will erase the system data logger memory and reset all data logger set-up values to the defaults.

To determine your OS and Program versions follow these steps:

  1. Close all programs on your PC and connect directly to your WeatherHawk weather station RS-232 serial port.
  2. Go to the Device Configuration Utility data logger communications program supplied with your software. If your software is Virtual Weather Station (VWS) this is located at: C:\vws\Weatherhawk\DevConfig.exe, and open the program. If your software was installed in a different directory or you are using WeatherHawk-XP/X software you can use the Windows search function to locate devconfig_wh.
  3. On the DevConfig WH software menu sidebar select WeatherHawk
  4. Select the communications port
  5. Select Connect
    Select the Data Monitor tab at the top and select the status table on the left. You will see the name OSversion.
  6. The current OS Version should be: cr2osv09.a43

External Rain Gauge Program

This download is for WeatherHawk Signature Series weather stations using an external rain gauge.

Do not download this file without speaking to a WeatherHawk technician. Contact WeatherHawk technical support at (435) 227-9840.


Download Help

If you have any problems determining which upgrade you should use, please call WeatherHawk for assistance before downloading and installing any software upgrade.

If you are an existing WeatherHawk owner, and cannot download software, please contact us and we will send you an update CD at no charge.

WeatherHawk has made every effort to assure that the downloads on this web site are virus free, but it remains the sole responsibility of the person downloading a file, or files, to check them for virus contamination before installing it on a computer.

WeatherHawk specifically disclaims any liability associated with the download, or use of files or applications obtained from this web site.

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