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Home Automation Drivers

WeatherHawk® is Intranet and Internet ready with Plug-and-Play fully supported, OEM approved drivers for home automation control systems.


AMX Dealers should contact AMX regarding the AMX WeatherHawk software driver using this phone number or email link:

Phone: 866-269-6777

Homeowners contact AMX using this link:

Sales Support: (800) 222-0193
Technical Support: (800) 932-6993



The Control4 driver is now available. Control4 Dealers should contact Control4 through their support representative, or using the link below regarding the Control4 WeatherHawk weather station software driver.

Dealers contact Control4 using this link:


This e-Control 2 driver was developed by Crestron for use by their Dealers and Installers.

Use the link below to visit the Crestron website to download the latest WeatherHawk software driver, for technical support or detailed information on the installation and use of the WeatherHawk driver.

Download Crestron WeatherHawk Driver Here


Elan Dealers should contact Elan through their support representative, or using the link below regarding the availability of the Elan WeatherHawk weather station software driver.

Dealers contact Elan using this link:


WeatherHawk supplies home control software drivers as a service to its resellers and customers. However, WeatherHawk does not warranty or directly support software drivers developed by third party companies. Please contact the company that developed the driver for support if there are comments, questions or issues to be resolved.


Download Help

If you have any problems determining which upgrade you should use, please call WeatherHawk for assistance before downloading and installing any software upgrade.

If you are an existing WeatherHawk owner, and cannot download software, please contact us and we will send you an update CD at no charge.

WeatherHawk has made every effort to assure that the downloads on this web site are virus free, but it remains the sole responsibility of the person downloading a file, or files, to check them for virus contamination before installing it on a computer.

WeatherHawk specifically disclaims any liability associated with the download, or use of files or applications obtained from this web site.

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