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Weather Stations for Education

WeatherHawk weather stations offer innovative technology for teaching weather in the classroom. Schools today teach about the environment as part of broadly based science curriculum. However, using static charts and collecting data using antiquated methods can stifle a student's interest. Science today emphasizes the data, data quality and application of data to understand the environment. Equip your students with a modern tool to study weather and understand the environment using a GLOBE approved WeatherHawk weather station.

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Education Products

WeatherHawk provides a variety of products for Education.

WeatherHawk is working in partnership with Forestry Suppliers, Inc. to support the K-12 Educational community with GLOBE approved weather stations and software. Forestry Suppliers maintains an active relationship with GLOBE, and has a wide range of products that have GLOBE developed data collection protocols. Systems purchased through Forestry Suppliers are fully supported by WeatherHawk, with annual software updates at no charge as downloads from the WeatherHawk website.

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Free Lesson Plans

K-12 lesson plans are now available! Plans provide additional teaching ideas, resources, objectives, examples, and web-based resources.


What Our Customers Say

"Our school is near Denali National Park, Alaska, and we’ve had a WeatherHawk for 2½ years. For 3 months there is no direct sunlight and our average temperatures are -20°F. Our wireless, solar-powered WeatherHawk with external battery pack reliably makes it through the winter, transmitting data to our school server and the WeatherUnderground."

Pete Hauschka
Principal, Cantwell School

"In 2007, our superintendent asked me to find a weather station for our school district. We wanted a reliable, low-maintenance, web-enabled weather station to provide live weather data to our district web site. After doing some research, I discovered the perfect product—the WeatherHawk weather station."

Gene Tranchino
Director of Technology, Elwood Schools