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Kids don't want to just look at charts of wind and rainfall data. The whole point of studying weather is to understand how it affects us and the environment around us. A wireless, solar powered WeatherHawk weather station brings environmental science alive for today's Internet-savvy kids. Read more to understand why!

Integral weather data logger

With its integral data-logger, the WeatherHawk weather station will collect, store and transmit sensor data to a classroom host computer; or even the school's network server, where all classes can view and analyze it at an age-appropriate level. Students are involved with the learning process when they monitor real-time changes in the weather and experience collecting and analyzing it themselves.
The school owns the WeatherHawk weather station and stores the data on the host computer. There are never any on-going fees associated with the ownership and use of a WeatherHawk weather station.

PC or Mac Weather Station Software

WeatherHawk weather station software is available for both IBM compatible Windows operating system PC's, or for Apple computers with OS X.
Software is designed to work with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.

WeatherHawk software allows for sophisticated data management, but its simple enough for even very young children to work with. With a WeatherHawk weather station, your school weather study programs can become even more exciting for students.

Network Enabled

WeatherHawk software licenses (PC-Windows or Mac OS X) are linked to your WeatherHawk, not the host computer; so install WeatherHawk software on every computer in the school network. This unique software license feature enables every classroom to share data from a single WeatherHawk weather station without requiring an expensive site license, or separate single user licenses for each classroom computer.

School Weather Webpage

The WeatherHawk XP/X software will support a weather web page. Your school can display a real-time weather web page or incorporate it into your existing school website. This allows you to provide weather data access throughout the district, community, transportation department, athletics department, online campus, etc., the possibilities are endless.

GLOBE Program Configured - Globally Linked

WeatherHawk weather stations are GLOBE program approved. WeatherHawk XP/X software automatically formats and logs the data for user export to the GLOBE program.

GLOBE works for the advancement of hands-on, inquiry-based studies for the environment and the earth. GLOBE is an international exchange of weather knowledge that brings together the children of more than one hundred countries. Is "your" school a GLOBE Program school?

For Students, GLOBE provides the opportunity to learn by:

  • Taking scientifically valid measurements in the fields of atmosphere, hydrology, soils, and land cover/penology-depending upon local curricula
  • Reporting their data through the Internet
  • Creating maps and graphs on a FREE interactive web site to analyze data
  • Collaborating with scientists and other GLOBE students around the world

More information about GLOBE is available at:

Students are excited by involvement in large-scale programs like GLOBE, and take pride in making a contribution. There is a GLOBE provided WeatherHawk atmospheric data collection protocol, so WeatherHawk equip schools can become officially involved with this exciting Federally funded program. Consider a GLOBE configured WeatherHawk weather station for your school!

WeatherHawk in Athletics

Does your state or district require accurate monitoring of wind speed and wind direction for validation of track and field event records; or must you keep trackside air temperature and relative humidity data for health, safety and liability concerns? Consider how a WeatherHawk weather station may fit the requirements of your athletic event weather-monitoring program.

WeatherHawk Schools in the Community

Schools are also important centers for community life and WeatherHawk can play a role in community service. 
 WeatherHawk weather station information collected at a school can be automatically posted to the school web site and easily viewed by the public and home-schooled students. A school-based WeatherHawk weather station can even be used to provide weather data that triggers a community response to an environmental crisis.
A WeatherHawk weather station and a Web Cam together will show the weather on the school web site in real time, while providing a 7/24 picture of the school grounds for security purposes.

There are many inexpensive weather stations available for schools and you owe it to your students to compare features before you spend limited school equipment funds. WeatherHawk weather stations are made to last, with industrial grade components and simple maintenance requirements so schools don't have to worry about frequent unit failure, or expensive maintenance and support agreements. With a WeatherHawk weather station, it is even possible for volunteers or school employees to care for the system with ease.

Fiscally Sound

Teachers understand that schools need to spend their limited funds with care. A WeatherHawk weather station is a cost effective teaching tool, with no continuing fees or third party promotional activity to support those fees required. There are often industry sponsored grants available for the purchase of equipment such as a WeatherHawk weather station. Click here for links that may be useful to qualified organizations and individuals seeking funding for science education programs.

Concerned about references, then consider this partial list of agencies, businesses and schools that have selected a WeatherHawk weather station. Add link here

School facility managers can use ET0 (evapotranspiration) data from the WeatherHawk weather station to manage the school's irrigation system, for improved water management and additional savings.



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WeatherHawk is working in partnership with Forestry Suppliers, Inc. to support the K-12 Educational community with GLOBE approved weather stations and software. Forestry Suppliers maintains an active relationship with GLOBE, and has a wide range of products that have GLOBE developed data collection protocols. Systems purchased through Forestry Suppliers are fully supported by WeatherHawk, with annual software updates at no charge as downloads from the WeatherHawk website.

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