Weather Stations for Emergency Management

First response instrumentation

First responders to natural disasters and civil emergencies must move fast, set up equipment quickly, and maintain a safe distance set-back from hazardous areas for command-and-control centers. To make accurate decisions, they need to know in exact detail what weather conditions are and have instantaneous warning of any change.

WeatherHawk meets the requirements of first responders with a cost-effective, easy-to-use weather monitoring and data logging system. Available at preferred Federal Government pricing under EPA BPA #EP09W000552.

  • WeatherHawk and WeatherHawk-XP/X software is CAMEO/ALOHA compliant (NOTE: Specify 2 sec scan update program at time of order).
  • WeatherHawk is lightweight and portable, so it’s easy to move into remote or treacherous areas.
  • WeatherHawk provides data quickly. It can be set up in less than 15 minutes by one responder wearing full protective equipment.
  • WeatherHawk doesn’t need to be placed near a power source because the system is battery powered and can operate for up to 4 days without an external power source. An optional solar panel enables unlimited operation in remote areas or where electrical power is not available.
  • WeatherHawk is rugged and reliable. It’s tough industrial-grade construction lets it withstand rapid transport or exposure to the harsh outdoor conditions of emergency situations.
  • The wireless WeatherHawk can operate independently at a distance from the base computer, ensuring the safety of personnel.
  • Wireless long-standoff data acquisition from WeatherHawk is enabled by powerful industrial grade 916 MHz spread-spectrum radios enabling line-of-sight range up to ½ mile. Optional high gain directional antennas can increase that range to over 7 miles under most conditions.
  • WeatherHawk’s lightweight battery powered radio base station even enables in-flight data collection from aircraft, and no special equipment or aircraft adaptation is required.
  • Optional heavy-duty ATA airline storage/shipment cases are available.

When first responders are working under high-stress conditions, the WeatherHawk is the ideal weather-monitoring instrument. Data collection intervals are user set, with data export in standard file formats. Data units are presented in a format supporting automatic entry to CAMEO/ALOHA software, with a concurrent display of real-time conditions.

Portability, quick installation, rugged construction, automatic data storage, and Internet compatibility make WeatherHawk the choice for first responders with limited equipment budgets and minimal time to train on special equipment.

WeatherHawk’s quality is assured with high level manufacturing processes that protects your investment in emergency response equipment and ensures years of reliable service under demanding conditions. In addition, all sensors that are subject to wear over time are easy to replace in the field with plug-in, pre-tested components.
For fire departments, police departments, park service personnel, Homeland Security, EPA, and other emergency management authorities, WeatherHawk is an essential crisis-control tool. The WeatherHawk’s capabilities can help save time, save property, save lives. Choose WeatherHawk.


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