Weather Stations for Enthusiasts

With its high-quality sensors and automatic data management features, WeatherHawk is the tool for the real weather enthusiast. Reliable, accurate, and easy to use, WeatherHawk lets you stop thinking about your equipment and start enjoying the study of the weather.

WeatherHawk comes fully configured and ready to use. When purchased in the powerful wireless, solar powered configuration, the system can be located at the best location for monitoring your micro-climate of choice because the radio range between the weather station and the display computer is up to 1/2 mile. A range of up to seven miles is possible using an optional directional antenna. Contact us if you need this long range configuration.

WeatherHawk is unique among home weather products because it has rugged industrial grade sensors, an integrated data logger, and spread-spectrum radios (wireless versions) that are normally found only with professional and industrial weather stations.

WeatherHawk's quality is assured with high level manufacturing processes, to protect your investment and ensure years of consistent performance.

Before you buy a home weather station, ask these seven questions:

1. Are the electronic boards in the weather station protected from moisture with conformal coatings? It better be because a weather station is located outdoors! WeatherHawk is built to survive tough climate conditions and give a lifetime of trouble-free performance.

2. Is the barometric pressure sensor a rugged industrial sensor, or was it an adaptation of a cheap wristwatch design? Some home weather stations contain inexpensive components that aren't up to industrial performance standards. WeatherHawk uses only quality components.

3. Are the external sensor connectors designed specifically for outdoor use? Weather stations have to endure wide swings in temperature and humidity. Many consumer-grade products use inexpensive telephone jack or pin-plug connectors to cut cost at the expense of reliability. WeatherHawk was built to last.

4. Is the system pre-assembled, pre-configured, and pre-calibrated for immediate use? Can you assemble it and make it operational in less than an hour? Most Home Weather stations come as parts in a box. You'll have to figure out how to put them together. Who wants to waste time making frustrating phone calls to a tech support line when you could be collecting data and experiencing the fascination of the weather? WeatherHawk can be up and running fast.

5. Does the system have Windows software with a custom-configurable display? Most Home Weather stations have a fixed display. Your data is displayed in the way the manufacturer thinks you should see it. The WeatherHawk display can display the data "you" really want, in the way that's most useful for you.

6. Does the weather station have a built in data logger? A data logger will enable you to plot weather changes over long periods. It will also provide data sets for students to use for science study/projects, or for home gardeners to better plan water use in a garden. Many home weather stations don't offer a data logger, or offer one only as an extra expense, or depend on your PC to be the data logger. WeatherHawk's data logger is fully integrated as standard equipment.

7. What's the radio range of the weather station? Most wireless home weather stations must be placed less than 100 feet from the computer on which you'll display data. This limits where you can put your weather station. But WeatherHawk has a range of up to half a mile—2640 feet—without the need for radio repeaters. With optional long range antenna's, the WeatherHawk can be placed up to seven miles from the base computer, in remote locations far from an electrical supply.

WeatherHawk is the only home weather system that has positive answers to all of these questions. It's also the only one manufactured to high industrial system standards with ease of use in mind.

If you're serious about watching the weather, watch it with a WeatherHawk!

Are you connecting to the Internet?

Do you want to access your live weather data on the Internet? It's available with WeatherHawk-Pro software and the WeatherHawk IP Server Module Upgrade. With an Internet connection, you can post your weather data on a personal website, or even a weather monitoring website for free. 


Weather enthusiasts know WeatherHawk® is a step above other "home weather" products because it has rugged industrial grade sensors, an integrated data logger and spread spectrum radios (wireless versions) found only in professional and industrial weather stations.

The WeatherHawk Product Line

Weather Stations

The WeatherHawk line of award winning, easy to install and use weather stations includes our Signature Series and 600 Series stations.

Portable Wind Meters

WeatherHawk also offers a full range of handheld wind meters for both the enthusiast and field professional.

Environmental Sensors

Extend your myBlue-T application to the cloud with DígaView™ active monitoring and analytics.

Concerned About Installation?

It usually takes less than an hour for a buyer to install a new WeatherHawk system. You can download free copies of the WeatherHawk data sheet, Quick Start Guide, and Site Installation Guide from this website. Use the information to determine the best location for a WeatherHawk, then place your order online.