Weather Stations for Home Automation

How a WeatherHawk weather station can...

How WeatherHawk works in home automation

WeatherHawk is Intranet and Internet ready and has a range of OEM developed drivers for the leading home automation control systems.

Architects, planners, builders and home owners agree - home designs must provide owners maximum control of interior space. The Award Winning WeatherHawk, with its suite of seven sensors support that level of homeowner control by providing external environment information for control features only now being considered by "Smart Home" designers.

Only micro-climate measurements are suitable for control applications. Internet derived weather information lacks the resolution or timing required for control system input. Your WeatherHawk will sense wind speed and direction, outdoor air temperature, relative humidity, solar radiation, barometric pressure, and rainfall. This real-time weather data can directly feed to both your home computer and a home automation system that manages your home.

Whether the home owner is there or away, a WeatherHawk linked home automation system can control or monitor:

  • Wind speed and direction to
    • close storm shutters and retract awnings during high wind
    • shut-off of sprinklers, irrigation systems and fountains in high wind
    • to modulate ventilation system fresh air intakes - for air quality and dust control
  • Outdoor air temperature and relative humidity for
    • for HVAC optimizers and energy conservation
    • to modulate walkway heaters that eliminate ice hazards
  • Solar radiation to
    • control exterior lighting systems
    • close or modulate window coverings and awnings - for energy conservation and UV management
  • Barometric pressure to
    • Provide storm alerts
  • Rainfall as an interface to irrigation system shutoff inputs

With its high-quality industrial-grade sensors, WeatherHawk meets the demand for accurate and reliable performance.

When installed as a solar-powered, wireless system, WeatherHawk requires no additional power or data connections for most installations. When Internet enabled, WeatherHawk will post weather information on a home web site. Additionally, if your home/travel computers are networked, everyone in the family can know what's happening with your local weather, both "at home" and from anywhere in the world.

At some locations in the world weather conditions are very volatile and you can't just rely on local TV and radio broadcasts to assess weather changes where you live. The microclimate surrounding your home may be far different from where government agencies collect weather data. Know what's happening where you live by installing the WeatherHawk. When a major weather event occurs, WeatherHawk data can help you make crucial planning decisions on a real-time basis.

If you own a second home a WeatherHawk enables you to monitor the location over the Internet in real-time to make recreation and travel plans based on local conditions.

For the students in your household, study the weather in your own micro-climate with real data. Relate that data to wildlife feeding and migration patterns, plant development study and seasonal change, or use the information to plan outdoor recreation. Monitoring your own micro-climate allows you to really live the study of the weather. WeatherHawk is a GLOBE authorized weather data acquisition system for participating schools.

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