Weather Stations for Hospitality

If you manage a hotel, bed & breakfast, private club, resort, vacation rental, tourist attraction, sports team, or any leisure end point property, a WeatherHawk can provide your guests with the local weather information they need both before and after they arrive.

Real-time weather reporting for guests

Weather-reporting services can help the public with long-distance travel planning, but they can’t tell your guests about the local weather conditions at your site. Leisure-activity consumers want accurate, up-to-the-minute data about the weather at their destination, not at the nearest government weather-monitoring site.

So if the powder is coming down fast and thick at your ski resort, if your marina is experiencing steady winds, if the sun is out and the beach is inviting, you can let visitors know with a WeatherHawk.

Network enabled

The WeatherHawk software license is linked to your WeatherHawk, not the host computer; so you can install it on every computer in your network to display weather information from a single weather station. No expensive site license, or separate single user licenses are necessary.

The WeatherHawk will automatically stream information to your website for guests, or potential visitors to read. If you connect a WeatherHawk to a webcam, they can even log on and see the conditions for themselves. Or, for a more personal touch, your reservations operator can consult the WeatherHawk on their screen during a phone conversation with a visitor. WeatherHawk VWS software even has a WeatherVoice module that turns your host PC into a dialup weather information center.

Leisure industry businesses — resorts, beach clubs, casinos, and hotels — must usually accept the third party advertising that is embedded in free Net-based weather information. But this information often includes ads for and links to competing sites. And if local weather conditions deteriorate, it can be hard to turn the weather data off on your website.

The WeatherHawk weather station is a versatile, site controlled marketing tool for travel and leisure end destinations.

Long reach and proven ruggedness

The powerful Wireless WeatherHawk can be sited at the best monitoring location, up to 1/2 mile from the host computer. A range of up to seven miles is even possible using an optional directional antenna. Call WeatherHawk if you need this long range configuration.

Don’t worry about taking the WeatherHawk to remote locations. It’s built tough to take outdoor use. WeatherHawk is manufactured with rugged industrial grade sensors and powerful spread-spectrum radios (wireless versions) that are normally found only with professional and industrial weather stations. WeatherHawk spread-spectrum radios are available in three public use frequencies, enabling unlicensed use at most locations around the world.

WeatherHawk’s quality is assured with high level manufacturing processes, such as conformally coated electronics. This process protects your investment and ensures years of reliable, consistent performance. In addition, all sensors subject to wear over time can be replaced with plug-in, pre-tested components, enabling quick local maintenance or repair.

Considering the WeatherHawk, but concerned about the installation?

Most people who buy a WeatherHawk spend less than an hour installing it. You can download free copies of the WeatherHawk data sheet, Quick Start Guide and Site Installation Guide. Use this information to find the best location for your new WeatherHawk, and then visit our website again to place your order online.

Don’t be satisfied with regional weather—Your Concierge has to be on site and so should your weather resource—Give your Guests your weather with a WeatherHawk!


Your Data on the Web

WeatherHawk's optional WeatherHawk-Pro software comes with an integrated Website Builder feature so that you can post your data on your own website, or a public site.

Check out these Live Weather WeatherHawk displays around the world to see how a WeatherHawk display would appear on your Internet website.

The WeatherHawk Product Line

Weather Stations

The WeatherHawk line of award winning, easy to install and use weather stations includes our Signature Series and 600 Series stations.

Portable Wind Meters

WeatherHawk also offers a full range of handheld wind meters for both the enthusiast and field professional.

Environmental Sensors

Extend your myBlue-T application to the cloud with DígaView™ active monitoring and analytics.

Concerned About Installation?

It usually takes less than an hour for a buyer to install a new WeatherHawk system. You can download free copies of the WeatherHawk data sheet, Quick Start Guide, and Site Installation Guide from this website. Use the information to determine the best location for a WeatherHawk, then place your order online.