Weather Stations for Industry

WeatherHawk's ease of installation, low maintenance requirements, automatic data storage and management, and internet compatibility make it a cost effective choice for industrial concerns, or municipalities that require real-time, location specific weather information.

Industry Examples

  • Examples of industrial/municipal applications for a small, automatic weather station include:
  • External environment sensor set for large facilities' energy management systems.
  • The WeatherHawk can be the first link in an early-warning system about facility status, when conditions become extreme and physical plant staff must take action
  • Public relations and public service. Post your WeatherHawk data on the city website as a community public service and information resource
    • Unlike free weather information off the internet, WeatherHawk weather data doesn't include third party advertising that may violate public policy prohibitions regarding product endorsements.
    • Free weather services often get weather data from sites that are actually miles away from your location. Weather data produced by a WeatherHawk at your location is far more accurate, and far more impressive.
  • Parks and recreation:
    • Turf grass management using WeatherHawk to provide ETo (evapotranspiration) data for irrigation scheduling.
    • Micro-climate monitoring by more than one WeatherHawk from a single host computer
  • Municipal environmental data management:
    • Landfill dust management and customer complaint validation.
    • Stormwater data logging for archival purposes
    • First responder system for environmental disaster management

Accuracy, Versatility and Quality

Most internet based weather services get their information from publicly available sites that are maintained by the government, or by private weather networks. Some apply forecasting algorithms to adjust that data for regional variations but in most cases the data is only accurate at the location of the measurement system.

Geological formations, large buildings, the proximity of a large body of water can dramatically change the air temperature, humidity and wind patterns within a very short distance. For real accuracy and reliable planning, WeatherHawk offers site specific weather data, in real-time at a cost effective price.

With a WeatherHawk weather station, your business or public agency can add real-time weather information, integrated with a WebCam to your website as a local public information resource.

WeatherHawk is easy to install, versatile, fully configured, and ready to use upon delivery. When purchased in the powerful wireless, solar powered configuration, the system can be sited at the best location for monitoring a micro-climate of choice because the radio range is up to 1/2 mile between the weather station and the display computer. Range to seven miles is possible using an optional directional antenna. Call WeatherHawk if you need this long range configuration.

WeatherHawk is reliable because it is manufactured with rugged industrial grade sensors and powerful spread spectrum radios (wireless versions) that are normally found only with professional and industrial weather stations. WeatherHawk spread spectrum radios are available in three public use frequencies, enabling unlicensed use at most locations around the world.

WeatherHawk's quality is assured with high level manufacturing processes, such as conformally coating the electronics. This process protects your investment and ensures years of reliable service. In addition, all sensors that are subject to wear over time are plug-in replaceable, pre-calibrated components, enabling local maintenance and repair.

Connecting to the Internet

WeatherHawk's software is versatile and can be internet enabled with an integrated Website Builder feature so that you can post system data on any website for public or private access via the Internet or intranet.

Satisfy both your data archiving and public information requirements for regional weather with an accurate, reliable, fully automatic WeatherHawk weather station!


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