WeatherHawk Integrators

Companies that can help you customize your WeatherHawk

The WeatherHawk weather station is a fully integrated system including wind speed, wind direction, air temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure, solar radiation and rainfall sensors. This system configuration has many advantages, including ease of installation and user friendly software, but additional sensors cannot be added to the basic WeatherHawk. If you need to measure other environmental parameters such as soil moisture, soil temperature and leaf wetness.

If your application requires more sensors than a standard WeatherHawk can provide, a WeatherHawk service center, or system integrator can help. Our system integrators can offer either an alternative weather station configuration, or they can integrate a WeatherHawk with a Campbell Scientific CS205/215 data logger and data communication system. With this equipment package you can measure all sensors together; or your WeatherHawk MET data in one location, and your CS205/215 managed soil/crop data in another location because the systems communicate with each other over a cost effective wireless local area network (WLAN). The WLAN can also be linked to your supervisory location using conventional wireless radio, cellular or modem connected phone lines.

For those WeatherHawk applications that require supplementary sensors contact one of the WeatherHawk system integrators listed below.


Campbell Scientific Australia

Campbell Scientific Australia (CSA) has placed its sensors from the Antarctic to the deepest jungles, in some of the toughest environments in the world.
411 Bayswater Road
Garbutt, QLD 4818


Technotempo Com. Serv. Ltda

11 30608589
Rua Joaquim Antunes 490, conj. 42
São Paulo, SP 05415-001

Costa Rica

Campbell Scientific Centro Caribe S.A.
300 N. Cementerio
Santo Domingo de Her, 40305
Costa Rica

South Africa

Campbell Scientific Africa (Pty) Ltd.

Box 2450
Somerset West, 7129
South Africa


Campbell Scientific Spain S.L.

Psge.Font 14, local 8

United Kingdom

Campbell Scientific Ltd

44 (0)1509 601141
80 Hathern Road
Shepshed, Leicestershire LE12 9GX
United Kingdom

United States

Intermountain Environmental, Inc.

Intermountain Environmental provides instrumentation for geological and mining studies, water control systems, flood warnings, and other applications demanding the highest standards of engineering excellence.

601 West 1700 South, Ste B
Logan, UT 84321
United States

Western Weather, Inc.
568 Manzanita Avenue, Ste 2
Chico, CA 95926
United States

Locher Environmental Technology

Locher Environmental Technology specializes in creating water monitoring equipment for agriculture,aquaculture, industry, and government. The high quality of their instrumentation is consistent with WeatherHawk's industrial-level construction and functioning.

Lakeland, FL

Concerned About Installation?

It usually takes less than an hour for a buyer to install a new WeatherHawk system. You can download free copies of the WeatherHawk data sheet, Quick Start Guide, and Site Installation Guide from this website. Use the information to determine the best location for a WeatherHawk, then place your order online.

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