Lesson Plans for K-12 Teachers

Instructional tools from WeatherHawk

We now offer NEW K-12 Lesson Plans to help you teach weather in the classroom.

These plans target NSTA Standards, provide additional teacher resources and teaching ideas, and outline teaching objectives. Curriculum is still being developed so be sure to check back often for updates and new lesson plans.

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We would love to hear from you, please send us feedback on how these lesson plans are working for you in your classroom.

Available Lesson Plans and Resources

Classroom Weather Blog

Teach your students how to keep a weather blog using the WeatherHawk weather station.
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PowerPoint Presentation

Power point presentations using data from the WeatherHawk weather station.
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Reason for the Seasons

This lesson plan covers the changes that occur and causes of each season throughout the year.
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Video Lesson Plan

Video presentations are a great way for students to demonstrate understanding of the WeatherHawk weather station technology in conjunction with Language Arts, Drama, etc.
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Weather Books Project

Create a Weather Book with this step by step plan.
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Safety Fair Project

A project for your safety fair, this lesson plan focuses on the scientific process and the communication of scientific data.
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Additional Teacher Resources

This provides a list of links to sites with additional teaching ideas and information.
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We would love to hear from you. Please send us feedback on how our lesson plans are working in your classroom.