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Live weather from remote WeatherHawk stations

South USA

Haire Airport (TX33)

Private airport with a WeatherHawk weather station. This user installed the Weather Flash plug-in to WeatherHawk's VWS software to create a different weather display effect.

Very South USA

Casa de las Ranas

Owner installed private WeatherHawk at "Casa de las Ranas". This is the only personal weather station on the small island of Vieques, which is eight miles east of Puerto Rico. Previously, the only weather data available to the public was related to San Juan, or the US Virgin Islands. The owners have graciously posted their weather data on the internet for real-time island weather.


Case Western Reserve University

Weather data is collected from a WeatherHawk weather station located on the roof of Wade Commons. The weather station is connected to the university network using a WeatherHawk IP Server Module and data is updated automatically approximately every five minutes. The display application was configured by the University using Weather Display software.

Grand Haven Steelheaders Fishing Association

This is the official web site of the Grand Haven Steelheaders Fishing Association. The association is committed to safeguarding, promoting, and controlling the social, environmental, and conservational values of sport fishing  in western Michigan. View the webcam and weather data.

Their wireless WeatherHawk weather station, with an IP server module, directly serves the display application for the association website. Additional information on the display software is also available.

Western USA

Beaver Mountain Ski Resort

This WeatherHawk was modified by Intermountain Environmental to provide snow depth in addition to wind speed, wind direction, and air temperature at the Beaver Mountain Ski Resort. Beaver Mountain typically operates each year from the middle of November until the end of March. The weather station is taken down for storage when the ski area is not operating.

Arctic USA

Smokey Bay Air, Private Airport

Smokey Bay Air private airport with a WeatherHawk 916 using WeatherHawk-XP software. This site provides airport information for an area known for its strong winds; and it doubles as a site for the local school and community.


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