Mounting Hardware

Mounting accessories for WeatherHawk stations

TP1 Tripod/Mast Assembly

The TP1 Tripod assembly is used for both roof and surface mounting of the WeatherHawk weather station.

TP1-TK Tripod Installation Kit

Choose this if you need a level and a compass to properly install a WeatherHawk TP1 Tripod/Mast Assembly.

TP1-GK Guy-wire Kit

Choose a guy-wire kit if you want to stabilize your TP1 tripod in high winds. Required for tripods having two mast extensions.

TP1-GR Grounding Kit

Choose an earth grounding kit if your tripod is installed on soil or at ground level. Installation by a qualified electrician is recommended.

TP1-MX Mast Extension

Choose this if you want to extend the mast length (height) by 31 inches (80.6 cm.). Two or more mast sections can also be used as a pole mount, without a tripod.

TP1-SK Stake Kit

Choose a stake kit if you are installing a TP1 Tripod directly on soil.

TP1-EP Tripod Extended Footpads

Extended Footpads for the TP-1 Tripod. Enable the use of sandbags to stabilize a WeatherHawk at temporary installations, or for quick response applications.

CDK-1 ComDeck Base

ComDeck mast base unit provides a stable mount for a weather station mast and a weatherproof cableway into the roof space.

RDK-12 RetroDeck

RetroDeck mast base unit provides a stable mount for a weather station mast Mounting hardware is provided for attachment to flat or peaked roof locations.

HM-3 Low Profile Mast Assembly

Low profile roof or facia board mast assembly, 3 feet high, galvanized, unpainted steel.

HM-EXT Mast Extension

HM Series Mast assembly extension tube. Extends mast by 3 feet.

HM-3-Stainless Steel

Low profile for roof or facia board mast assembly, 3 feet high, stainless steel, unpainted steel.


HM-Extension Stainless Steel

HM stainless steel series mast assembly extension tube. Extends mast by 3 feet.

Flat Roof Mount (non-penetrating)

The non-penetrating tripod mast assembly is constructed of galvanized steel and requires no drilling to secure the frame.  Mast includes a tripod assembly, angled steel base and one mast extension. Tripod height 48 inches (121.9 cm). Mast extension height 48 inches (121.9 cm). Angled steel base 35 inches x 29 inches (88.9 cm x 73.6 cm). Choose this option for flat membrane roof installations. 



About Mounting Hardware

WeatherHawk offers a variety of rugged mounting hardware options for weather station installations. All WeatherHawk weather stations will interface with the full range of mounting systems supplied by WeatherHawk. Select the solution that fits best for your installation.   All WeatherHawk weather statons include a mounting bracket or mast adapter for masts from 1.75 - 2.0" ID.

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