Other Solutions

Hospitality - A WeatherHawk can be a vital part of your location marketing and guest information program by providing guests with the local weather information they need both before and after they arrive.

Leisure - Get real-time weather information for your outdoor activities with a WeatherHawk weather station.

Agriculture - Modern agriculture demands precise real-time weather data. If you manage a farm, ranch, vineyard, orchard or greenhouse, WeatherHawk can help you make prudent operating decisions based on actual local conditions.

Enthusiasts - If you’re serious about studying the weather, WeatherHawk was designed for you.

If you do not find your application in this list, please contact us to discuss your application.


The WeatherHawk Product Line

Weather Stations

The WeatherHawk line of award winning, easy to install and use weather stations includes our Signature Series and 600 Series stations.

Portable Wind Meters

WeatherHawk also offers a full range of handheld wind meters for both the enthusiast and field professional.

Environmental Sensors

Extend your myBlue-T application to the cloud with DígaView™ active monitoring and analytics.

Concerned About Installation?

It usually takes less than an hour for a buyer to install a new WeatherHawk system. You can download free copies of the WeatherHawk data sheet, Quick Start Guide, and Site Installation Guide from this website. Use the information to determine the best location for a WeatherHawk, then place your order online.