Power Supplies

Power supplies for WeatherHawk stations

600 Series External Battery Pack

600 Series External Lead Acid Battery Pack 12V 12AHr, including weatherproof case, cable and tripod mounting brackets for use with 610/620 weather stations. 


Solar Panel - 10 Watt

10 Watt solar panel for use with solar powered WeatherHawk 610/620 weather stations.


SP2-KT 5 W Solar Panel Kit

Choose this if you want to recharge your station using a solar panel instead of an AC converter.

BP2-EX External Battery Kit

External battery pack for use with WeatherHawk Signature Series systems. Use in cold regions with low winter sun angles.


Signature Series Battery Pack

WeatherHawk weather station internal replacement battery pack.

Series 500 2.9 AHr Battery

WeatherHawk 500 Series internal replacement battery pack.

ACP2 AC Converter

Choose this if you want to use AC power, instead of solar energy to recharge your weather station battery pack.


ACP3 AC Power Supply

ACP3 AC Power Supply w/25 ft ext cable (600)



About Power Supplies

WeatherHawk weather stations require a power source to recharge the onboard lead acid battery inside the weather station. Note: A solar panel should only be considered for use if your location is less than Latitude 50 degrees. Use of non-WeatherHawk power supply may void warranty. Contact WeatherHawk Customer Service if there are questions regarding the selection of the proper power supply to use with your WeatherHawk.

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