WeatherHawk Sensors

Signature Series Wind Direction Sensor

WeatherHawk Wind Direction vane type sensor.

Series 500 Pyranometer

WeatherHawk solar radiation sensor for 500 Series Weather Stations- Use as a replacement part only.

Replacement PTU-Vaisala

Replacement PTU Module - Vaisala Model WXT510PTUSP.

Anemometer for Signature Series

WeatherHawk Wind Speed Sensor

Signature Series Solar Radiation Sensor

WeatherHawk solar radiation sensor - Use as a replacement part only.

Signature Series Rain Gauge

Tipping bucket type rain gauge.

High Resolution External Rain Gauge

High resolution rain gauge option. Available in metric (0.1mm/tip) and Imperial (0.01"/tip) resolution. Specify resolution in Comments box at time of order.


Signature Series RH/Temperature Sensor Assy.

WeatherHawk RH/Temperature replacement sensor assembly.


About Sensors

WeatherHawk offers a variety of sensor for upgrading your weather station or for replacement parts for your existing weather station.

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