Wind/Weather Meter Accessories

Desert Camo Carry-Along Case

Desert camo windmeter carrying case.


myMET Case

Padded carry case for myMET wind meter, with belt loop (does not include wind meter).


myMET Wind Meter Kit

myMET Hand Held Wind Meter with Wind Vane Accessory and padded carry case.


myMET Wind Vane

Wind vane accessory for use with the myMET Bluetooth connected wind meter


Jungle Camo Carry-Along Case

Jungle camo windmeter carrying case.


Yellow Carry-Along Case

Yellow windmeter carrying case.


Black Carry-Along Case

Black windmeter carrying case.


SM-WT Wind Tunnel

Speedtechs wind tunnel is designed to fit SkyMate, SkyMate Plus, and WindMate wind meters, all of which have a tripod fitting.

Tripod Adapter

The tripod adapter enables attachment of any standard tripod to the SM-18, SM-19 and SM-28 wind meters. The adapter screws into the mounting fixture at the bottom of the case to extend the tripod mount for easy attachment to the wind meter.

SkyMate/SkyMaster Impeller

SkyMaster replacement impeller.


WindMate® Impeller

WindMate replacement impeller.



About Wind/Weather Meter Accessories

A collection of replacement parts and accessories for WeatherHawk wind and weather meters.

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