Portable Wind Meters

Handheld wind meters to monitor your environment


myMET Hand Held Wind Meter with BLE connectivity to Smartphones, Tablets and other portable computing platforms.


myMET Sport

myMET Sport Wind Meter with connectivity to Smartphones, Tablets and other portable computing platforms.


WM-100 WindMate® Basic Handheld Wind Meter

WM-100 includes a wind vane to ensure accurate measurements on the winds axis.

SM-18 Skymate Wind Meter w/Temp & Wind Chill

Convenient pocketknife design, features, accuracy, and price make this a great value in a handheld unit.

WM-200 WindMate® with Wind Direction

WM-200 is the first windmeter with wind vane, a USA-made fluxgate compass for digital wind direction, and that calculates crosswind & head/tail wind readings.

SM-19 Skymate Plus w/Humidity, Dew Point, & Temp

This unit has all the wind features of the SM-18 plus an accurate hygrometer for relative humidity and dew point. The SM-19 was recently approved by MSHA for use in Underground Mining applications. 


WM-300 WindMate® w/Wind Direction & Humidity

The WM-300 is a comprehensive instrument for agriculture, forestry, emergency management and other industry professionals.

SM-28 Skymaster Wind/Weather Meter

Skymaster allows you to track weather in the palm of your hand!

WM-350 WindMate® Multi-function Weather Meter

This is a prize-winning, comprehensive weather monitor, which gives full environmental data specific to your location and includes a 48-hr history for every function, hour-by-hour and in a bar graph.


About Portable Wind Meters

WeatherHawk also offers a full range of handheld wind meters for both the enthusiast and field professional.

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