WM-100 WindMate® Basic Handheld Wind Meter

If you just need wind speed, this is the handheld wind meter for you! WM-100 includes a wind vane to assure correct alignment to the wind axis. The jackknife case allows more precise wind speed readings because the users hand is distant from the wind impeller, which then measures undisturbed air flow. WM-100 has Swiss-made impeller components, is water resistant and shockproof. For long-range shooting, the unit can be tripod-mounted and uses the optional wind tunnel, Model SM-WT for very precise measurements. All WindMate wind meters are designed with a wind speed accuracy of better than +/- 3% and have a 2-Year warranty.

WM-100 Handheld Wind Meter Features:

  • Wind Speed
  • Displays current and maximum wind speed
  • Reports 5,10 and 15 second average
  • Water resistant and floats

Accessories for WM-100 WindMate® Basic Handheld Wind Meter

Desert Camo Carry-Along Case

Desert camo windmeter carrying case.

Include $18.99

Jungle Camo Carry-Along Case

Jungle camo windmeter carrying case.

Include $18.99

Black Carry-Along Case

Black windmeter carrying case.

Include $18.99

Yellow Carry-Along Case

Yellow windmeter carrying case.

Include $18.99

WindMate® Impeller

WindMate replacement impeller.

Include $24.99

SM-WT Wind Tunnel

Speedtechs wind tunnel is designed to fit SkyMate, SkyMate Plus, and WindMate wind meters, all of wh...

Include $23.99